Sports Medicine

Professional athletes require up to 72 hours to fully recover after a game or intense workout. Insufficient recovery time causes a decline in performance and neuromuscular function (for example, shown on competitive soccer players.

ElastiMed’s mobile & dynamic leg compression device is designed to help professional & amateur athletes recover faster between and after practices and competitions. Athletes can use the device to gently massage their legs immediately after a workout session to recover faster anytime & anywhere.

¹Brownstein CG, Dent JP, Parker P, Hicks KM, Howatson G, Goodall S, et al. Etiology and Recovery of Neuromuscular Fatigue after Simulated Soccer Match Play. Front Physiol. 2017;8:831
Active Compression


Rhythmically expands and contracts, mimicking calf muscle contraction for improved circulation


Smart Meterials


Integrates proprietary Artificial Muscles (EAPs), to create a low profile, mobile, active compression device


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