World's First
Robotic Stocking
A Wearable Medical Device
Designed To Treat and
Manage Lymphatic
& Venous Diseases
Remote Monitoring
Integrated sensors would monitor patient's condition, allowing for early detection of infections and identify a decline in the patient's condition.

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Artificial Muscles
Integrates proprietary Elelctro-Active Polymers, to create a low-profile, mobile, active compression device.

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Active compression
Autonomous Leg Massage for improved circulation, to help combating serious various medical conditions.

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Adaptive Compression Therapy

Integrates proprietary Artificial Muscles (EAPs), to create a low profile, mobile, active compression device

Specifically designed to be easy to wear with a comfortable fit, ElastiMed’s device does not disrupt the patient’s lifestyle promoting lifesaving compliance

Autonomous Leg Massage for improved circulation, to help combating serious various medical conditions

Poor Circulation in the legs can Have Disastrous Consequences:

Swelling (Edema)
Blood Clots
Chronic Wounds
Sports Injuries


The most common treatment for venous and lymphatic conditions is compression therapy. Traditionally obtained via compression stockings, or bulky pneumatic devices, compression therapy support vein function and promotes circulation.

Current compression therapy solutions suffer from a very low compliance rate. ElastiMed’s next generation compression device, is expected to promote compliance by offering a sleek, wearable therapy device, which continuously massages the legs, while ensuring effective circulation in the legs.


ElastiMed’s proprietary technology uses Artificial Muscles (EAPs), which contracts and expands when stimulated by an electric pulse, creates a sequential massage on the leg, mimicking rhythmic calf muscle contractions to improve circulation.


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