Smart Materials

ElastiMed’s revolutionary technology manipulates Electro Active Polymers (EAPs) into thin, linear actuators, for integration in numerous healthcare devices. Highly suitable for wearable devices, the EAPs expand and contract when stimulated by an electric field. Elastimed’s first application, a smart, active compression device, integrates these smart EAP bands by wrapping them around the leg, causing them to squeeze and massage the patient’s leg, mimicking rhythmic calf muscle contractions to promote fluid movement in the leg. The controlled sequential contractions can achieve pressure of up to 60 mmHg with high precision, to apply a highly effective clinical treatment. The comfortable device massages the patient’s legs continuously, increasing healing efficiency, while requiring low energy consumption. The device is IoT compatible, integrating sensors for data generation, and compliance monitoring.

This innovative technology can be applied in any of a number of additional applications, including compression devices for different body parts, smart tourniquets, active bandages, haptic devices, smart clothing and more.


Smart Meterials


Integrates specially designed Electro Active Polymers, to create a sleek, mobile, active compression device


Increasing Compliance


Easy to wear and comfortable fit, ElastiMed’s device does not disrupt the patient’s lifestyle promoting lifesaving compliance


Active Compression


Rhythmically expands and contracts, mimicking calf muscle contraction for improved circulation, combating serious medical conditions


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